Booth Options and Rates


Option Rates
Raw space (min 36m2) US$300/㎡
Shell scheme US$2,500/scheme

※    1 Shell Scheme includes: A U-type boarding, companys name on the fascia board, two spotlights, one socket, carpet, one information counter, one garbage bin, two chairs (All these are not included for raw space and irregular booth), public security and daily cleaning.

※    10% of the original rate is to be added for shell scheme with two sides open. And it will not be rented separately (one two sides open plus another type of shell scheme).

※    Booth selection is based on a first come, first served basis. For your companys priority choice to be considered, your application form must be received by August 29, 2016. After this date the organizer cannot make any guarantee to accommodate booth preferences.

※   Early booth reservation for CIMAMotor can guarantee discount booth rate as below
Shell scheme:
On and before March 31, 2016 ------10% discount
On and before May 31, 2016-------5% discount
Raw space:
On and before March 31, 2016 ------20% discount
On and before May 31, 2016-------15% discount
On and before June 30, 2016-------10% discount

※   Booth Adjustment: In order to guarantee the overall effect of the exhibition and for fire protection
safety, the organizer is entitled to make necessary adjustment for on-site booths.

※   The Booth Rates includes: Tax, entering the company data on the official catalogue and website, exhibitor cards, 20 just-for-once invitation of trade visitors for per 10¡.
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