Scope of Exhibits

CIMAMotor Covers Everything About Motorcycle!

Whole Vehicles:
General motorcycle, luxury motorcycle, off-road motorcycle, special purpose motorcycle, custom motorcycle, tricycle, new energy motorcycle, etc.

Motorcycle Accessories and Parts:
Motor engines, vehicle frames, shock absorbers, brakes, wheels rims, sprocket, tire, oil tank, exhaust system, electronic devices, light, lock, covering parts and other spare parts.

Motorcycle Related Products:
Clothing, helmet, equipment and accessories for motorcycle outdoor activities, model, ornament, refitting accessories, motorcycle club, motorcycle tour operator, etc.

General Fuel Motors:
General gasoline (diesel) engine, gen-set, water pump unit, multi-functional agricultural machinery, etc.

Maintenance Products:
Special tools and machinery for cycle manufacturing and repairing, lubricant, etc.

Motorcycle Technology and Service:
Industrial design company, publication, R&D achievement, etc.

Motorcycle Supermarket
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