Why Exhibit?

Want to buy something?
CIMAMotor covers everything about motorcycle
No matter what you want to buy, whether it is a spring, a gear, an engine or a motorcycle of any type, just contact CIMAMotor team and tell us your requirements, and we will find potential partners for you in advance.


Want to sell something?
If you are planning to sell your products, technology or motorcycles in China market, just come to CIMAMotor, you will have the opportunities to

  • Communicate with the executives from Chinese top 600 manufacturers, including the Chinese partners and suppliers of the international leading companies, such as BMW, Piaggio, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda.
  • Market your products to 130,000 visitors and the Chinese sales network they represent, to win more opportunity to enter China market.
  • Promote your products to about130 Chinese motorcycle clubs and the motorcycle fans they represent.
  • More than 300 media, including Internet, newspaper, magazine, radio, TV - almost all Chinese media relating to motorcycle industry, will be involved in the exhibition report. Through them, you can publicize your products to all potential motorcycle fans in China.
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